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Your (frameless!) window to the future
Revolutionary today. Standard tomorrow. The OPTIWIN Alphawin-Window is the leading product for the next generation of ecological and economic windows, which are also suitable for the passive house.

Cost-saving, energy efficient and revolutionary in terms of material, flexibility and appearance.


  • Suitable for fixed and rotary-tilting elements as well as double sashes
  • Revolutionary exterior appearance (only glass visible with sash and fixed elements)
  • Classical design on the interior side
  • Custom colour schemes and detailed planning
  • Optimised, sustainable production for assessments by DGNB or Leed
  • Installation optimised thermal bridge specified by construction
  • Larger proportion of glass due to slim line design
  • As lo as UW 0.64 W/m²K (Ug 0.5 W/m²K)
  • Certified window (PHI Darmstadt)

The new deeper design...

... allows for a flush arrangement of frame and sash. Reduced to the max: the total facing width of frame and sash on the inside is only 90 mm, minimalism that represents supreme innovation, not just architecturally but from an energy standpoint too. The OPTIWIN Alphawin-Windo can take 48 mm glass units and therefore also 0,5W/mK argon-filled glazing. This cuts costs. Plus, there is no longer any need for the more energy-intensive, radon-combined krypton.

Completely new perspectives

The special construction of the OPTIWIN Alphawin-Window allows for completely new perspectives in external appearance. Thanks to slim frames and the simple, minimalist design on the inside, the window frames virtually disappear altogether. Only the glass is visible; with fixed elements as much as with opening sashes. As a result completely new design options are now available to planners and builders. The otherwise necessary maintenance intervals on the outside are eliminated entirely.

Ingeniously sustainable

As with all OPTIWIN-Products, the OPTIWIN Alphawin-Window is fully demountable and individual components can be recycled. The materials used consume as little energy as possible, both in production as in the subsequent processing stages. Thus the Alphawin window is also state of the art when it comes to sustainability.

The OPTIWIN Alphawin-Window meets the requirements of the Passive House Institute (Darmstadt). The special design only allows installation with optimized thermal bridging.