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We are already thinking about tomorrow’s world

When Freisinger Fensterbau began to develop and market innovative, energy-efficient windows, doors and construction components with an ecological approach more than 20 years ago, it was considered almost eccentric to say the least. “Greenie” in fact. Especially for a quality crafts company with a centuries-long tradition in Tyrolean timber construction. 

Energy saving and climate protection were certainly no longer foreign words, but still far away from being taken for granted and deemed a necessary part of everyday consciousness. However we viewed this in a very pragmatic way in those days and  combined ancient Tyrolean timber construction and the traditional closeness to nature with the most modern material and energy building techniques.

More than 20 years of experience

Nowadays, these aspects already go without saying in the construction of new buildings, modernisation of old buildings and insulation renovations, not forgetting window and door replacements! Energy passport, low-energy and passive houses are or will be prescribed as standard across the EU. In terms of energy efficiency then, our customers profit from our head start of over 20 years of optimised, sophisticated and affordable technology. With energy-saving windows, doors and components from Freisinger which, of course, also meet all passive house standards.

Leading energy efficiency

Thanks to our international quality brand OPTIWIN, you can expect products on the cutting edge of quality craftsmanship and energy-saving technology. Today is tomorrow’s yesterday. That is why Freisinger continues to work closely and exchange ideas with partners, universities, technical colleges and research institutions so that you benefit now from the technology of tomorrow, the highest quality standards and great value for money.

This – plus sound personal advice – is what Freisinger Fensterbau stands for. Today, tomorrow and beyond.