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Lifting/sliding door and parallel slide-tilt element

More push for much more area
OPTIWIN-Systems Alu2Wood and Wood2Wood make their grand entrance as OPTIWIN parallel slide and tilt element and OPTIWIN lifting/sliding doors. The opportunity to combine large sliding elements with normal windows means OPTIWIN can provide designers and builders with extraordinary solutions in terms of quality and flexibility.


  • Interior layer is a statically bearing structure

  • Short renovation times due to removable exterior layer

  • Interior wood types: fir, spruce, larch, oak

  • Removable aluminium exterior layer

  • Slender frames, elegant design

  • Custom colour schemes for interior and exterior

  • Special functions: sound insulation, sun screening and burglary protection

  • Custom detailed planning

  • Uw value determined according to respective, individual solution

  • Certified thermal bridge free connection (PHI Darmstadt)


3-pane Glazing

Even the OPTIWIN lifting/sliding doors can be supplied with 3-pane glazing in the standard version or in a combination of wood and aluminium.

Many years of experience and intensive, standardized quality controls for all components and production phases, guarantee longevity and customer satisfaction – even the largest portal elements.