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The new product line from OPTIWIN

Differend climatic conditions around the world place exceedingly varied demands on windows and doors

The windows of a house on the coast of Italy are faced with completely different weather conditions to those of a mountainside building in the Alps. In new product line from OPTIWIN, an international team of professionals, consisting of several OPTIWIN-Partners from Europe and North America, has managed to find high quality solutions to the various problems facing windows in different climatic zones (coastal, salty sea air, alpine regions). Collective experience and troubleshooting has led to a new range of products that meet passive house standards.


The advantages

  •  A second drainage level improves water tightness against driving rain.

  • 4 seals instead of 3 – all around, with large seal overlay – resulting in extremely good airtightness and consequently a high level of sound insulation, improved comfort and high energy efficiency.

  • Production continues as usual with the usual quality supervision.


Visual highlights

  • Windows and lifting/sliding elements have a clean, uniform appearance.

  • The possibility to combine with smooth minimalistic appearance and systems (e.g. combination of the all-glass appearance of PURISTA with the LIGNUMA system).

  • The new product line allows for design flexibility meeting architectural requirements and thus giving the building designer greater leeway.

  • Upon customer request, glass and wood can also be bonded together to ensure greater stability.